Venepuncture Training

The aim of the session is to ensure that the individual practitioner has the theoretical knowledge to perform venepuncture safely when returning to practice.

At the end of the session the individual will:

  • Be aware of the reasons for undertaking venepuncture
  • Be aware of when not to perform venepuncture
  • Have an awareness of the relevant anatomy and physiology related to venepuncture
  • Have an awareness of the criteria for selecting appropriate veins for venepuncture
  • Be aware  of the need to involve the patient in site selection
  • Be able to discuss the correct preparation of the patient for the procedure of venepuncture
  • Be able to discuss the need for consent to the procedure
  • Be able to discuss accountability and delegation in relation to this procedure
  • Be able to take the relevant medical & drug history
  • Be aware of the methods for improving success of venepuncture
  • Have an awareness of the criteria for choosing the appropriate device for venepuncture
  • Be able to discuss the potential problems/hazards/risks which may be encountered by patients or staff (self and others) when undertaking venepuncture
  • Have an awareness of the measures required to prevent/reduce the occurrence of complications
  • Know what actions to take in the event of complications occurring
  • Know how to dispose of venepuncture equipment safely following the procedure
  • Be able to discuss the relevant post procedure care
  • Be able to outline the need for appropriate record keeping for this procedure
  • Be aware of the need for competence assessment and completion of appropriate competence documentation every three years.
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